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We have a number of properties available for sale and inspection that might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Our real estate agents will be with you every step of the way from finding the right property, right through to negotiating with the seller.

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Buying Tips

Deciding to buy a home or investment property is a huge step to take. At GO WISE Real Estate, we’ve compiled some of our best buying tips to help you through the process.


Research property prices

Do your own research. Conduct sales comparisons to similar properties in your ideal area. This will help you determine if the property is reasonably priced for the area. We also suggest looking at the impact of interest rates and finding out the average number of people looking for property in that suburb versus the properties for sale.


Get legal advice

Getting legal advice from a conveyancer or solicitor so that you’re aware of potentially serious problems with the property is recommended. Issues of building additions, complications with legal ownership and zoning, can all be brought to your attention by seeking legal advice. Legal representatives can also review contracts to ensure that your interests are protected. Check out our conveyancing services, here.


Know your borrowing power

Our agents believe that knowing your borrowing power is paramount when you’re looking at buying property. By speaking to lenders you can gauge just how much you can borrow. This will also help you figure out how you can manage the ongoing mortgage repayments in the future. We suggest obtaining a loan pre-approval to stay ahead of the pack.


Inspect the value smartly

When you find the property of your dreams you will need to inspect carefully to ensure that everything is, as it seems. Look for damp spots, cracks, holes, uneven floors and sagging ceilings. Once you’ve completed your inspection organise a professional building inspection to detect structural issues, pest problems, plumbing and wiring.


Attend auctions

If the property you’re interested in is being auctioned, we recommend attending auctions in your area so you can see the process for yourself. Our agents can also explain the ins and outs to you.
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Finance Services

The family team behind GO WISE Real Estate also operate WISE Finance.
WISE Finance is an award-winning company providing a range of financial services throughout Darwin. We can grant you access to a number of banks and lenders, meaning you can find the best loan for your situation. Our team can handle the whole process from beginning to completion.

Visit the WISE Finance website to find out more about the process, or contact us.